Indian Textile Industry is one of the leading textile industries in the world. It largely depends upon the textile manufacturing & export. It also plays a major role in the economy of the country.

Sitani Group’s textile division was established in 1977 manufacturing white label textile fabrics on bulk order basis for suppliers, wholesalers & exporters. We mainly engaged in manufacturing cloths on Powerlooms & Handlooms. We have our manufacturing setup across all major textiles manufacturing area in India which suits environmental & skilled professional for a particular fabrics construction & quality.
Fabrics manufactured with Powerloom Machines are Markin Cloth, Drill Cloth, Sheeting Cloth, Checks Cloths, etc.
Both 100% cotton and Synthetic Fabrics can be woven as per the customer needs.
Fabrics manufactured with Handloom Machines are Gauze Cloth, Bandage Cloth, Envelope Lining Cloths, etc.
Mainly 100% cotton fabrics are woven on Handloom Machines or as per the customer needs.